When a relationship breaks down, it scatters the whole family. There is lot of confusion and anxiety on how to end the relationship that is legally correct and emotionally sustainable.

I call this Boot Camp For The Broken Hearted because, I curate the site with relevant posts on various family issues that hurt and wreck emotional havoc in your life. The site endeavours to touch these delicate aspects of relationships and try to uplift the broken hearts to assimilate themselves and move on… The site covers anything and everything about relationships.

To bring to the fore, what I deal with here, is:

Separation and divorce in Australia are given legal confirmation only after adherence to certain rules directed by the family law act.

Surrogacy and adoption are quite complicated and non-adherence to any of the laws attracts legal actions against the involved parties. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in Australia. Only humanitarian surrogacy is accepted legally and that too requires undergoing many legal thresholds to curb exploitation.

Adoption of a child runs the risk of change in intention of adoptive parents or biological parents. The judiciary acts in its best capacity to preserve a child’s interest.

The live-in relationship of heterosexual or same sex couple has attracted various view points and long drawn legal battle with the federal government to get the same status as marriage of straight couples. The de facto relationships barring one or two states of Australia, has equal legal status as married couple. However, the family laws require the couple in de facto relationship to register their relationship or prove to the judiciary that there existed a serious, domestic relationship between the partners.

The above topics are just the briefs of what the site wholly contains and what the site readers can expect.

I cover such and many more topics about relationships and families in Australia.